Calling Is Caring: Serving Families AND Protecting Children (1/10/2019-2/7/2019, 10:30-11:30 AM MT, meets weekly- SafeCare CO and CO Community Resource Program Staff ONLY) ***FULL***

This training is for SafeCare Colorado and Colorado Community Response (CCR) program staff who are required by law to make reports of child abuse or neglect. Mandatory reporting is still the same for your role and organization: See something, say something! What sets you apart from other mandatory reporters will be your skillful use of empathy, awareness, and interpersonal acumen to keep your relationship with a family open and healthy after a report has been made.

 After taking this course, you will be able to do the following:

  • Appreciate how SafeCare and CCR providers are uniquely positioned to report suspected maltreatment

  • Review the indicators and behaviors associated with abuse and neglect, even when they are subtle or nonverbal, including the variety of ways a child may inform a mandatory reporter that they are being abused or neglected

  • Understand the legal obligations of a Colorado mandatory reporter, such as when and how to report suspected or known abuse or neglect and the legal consequences for not reporting

  • Recognize the information a Colorado mandatory reporter will likely be asked when reporting suspected or known abuse or neglect to child protective services or law enforcement

  • Exhibit a working understanding of the difference between reporting and investigating and appreciate the consequences associated with interviewing the child or conducting an investigation before making a report

Editing Trainer: Daniel Comer