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Beat the Odds: Community of Learners

The Beat the Odds: Community of Learners is a space for current learners and graduates of the CWTS learning experience Beat the Odds to access connection and support and to deepen their learning related to resilience in child welfare.

In this community, participants will have access to a learning forum and an optional 1-hour monthly community of practice session. Members of this community will receive notices whenever a post is made to the forum. The possibilities for using the forum are endless: ask a question, suggest a TED Talk, share a resiliency tool, alert colleagues to new resource, and so forth. 

The community of practice sessions will create space for current learners and graduates of Beat the Odds to share best practices, tools, and strategies and to work through the challenges that arise in child welfare settings. Each of the six monthly sessions will be facilitated by Dan Comer and will consist of a check-in and a lively conversation related to topics raised by the members. One credit hour per session will be awarded to learners who participate. 

So what are you waiting for? Let's keep beating the odds together! 

If you would like access to this community, please email Sarah Hunt at sarah.e.hunt@ucdenver.edu. 

Note: You must register for each community of practice session individually once you receive access to this community.