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Because of you, Colorado’s children, youth, and families will be safer and healthier. 

Your Fundamentals courses include a variety of:

  • Web-based—a course you complete online,
  • classroom—an in-person, facilitated learning experience, or
  • hybrid—a course that includes both web-based and classroom components.

Some also include videos to review before your classroom experience. Download the New Caseworker Checklist for detailed information.

For new caseworkers, Welcome to Colorado Child Welfare (Web-based Training) must be completed prior to attending any other Fundamentals course. All other Fundamentals courses (with the exception of The Fundamentals Practice Simulation and Choose Your Own Trail: Documentation and Practice) may be taken in any order. Caseworkers who are currently certified may take any Fundamentals course at any time.

By clicking on a course below, you will be enrolled into that course. That means that you will have access to all the course’s activities and resources and that the system will track your completion. It DOES NOT mean that you are registered for any individual session being offered. In order to register for a particular classroom session, please find the region you would like to register for under “Classroom Activities” and view all sessions. When you find a location and date that works for you, please click sign-up; this will register you for the individual session of that particular course.

Please note, all Fundamentals courses must be completed to earn your initial caseworker certification. Be sure to enroll in ALL of the courses listed below to register for your Fundamentals learning experience. 

Welcome to Colorado Child Welfare (Web-based Training)

Target audience: caseworkers

As the initial course in the Fundamentals of Colorado Child Welfare Casework Practice series, this interactive, self-guided online training is designed to give learners a basic understanding of the Colorado child welfare system.

Hotline and RED Team: Where Assessment With Families Begins

Target audience: caseworkers, hotline workers

Prerequisite: Welcome to Child Welfare WBT

This hybrid course—designed to prepare both hotline workers and caseworkers for certification—builds on personal and professional experiences that promote quality customer service and provides the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to successfully carry out the duties associated with the referral and screening processes.

Safety Through Engagement

Target audience: caseworkers

Prerequisite: Welcome to Child Welfare WBT

This three-day learning experience is an interactive, action-based classroom training experience that uses a problem-based learning model to facilitate growth. With a single complex case scenario interweaved throughout the course, learners conduct an in-depth assessment of safety with a family.
Self enrollment

Working Toward Closure

Target audience: caseworkers

Prerequisite: Welcome to Child Welfare WBT

This three-day Fundamentals course is an interactive, action-oriented classroom training. Upon completion, learners have a basic understanding of the crucial decisions that inform case planning with families and bring to life the values, concepts, skills, and practices of child welfare in Colorado.

Fundamentals Practice Simulation

Target audience: caseworkers

Prerequisites (4): Welcome to Child Welfare WBT; Hotline and RED Team; Safety Through Engagement; Working Toward Closure.

Upon completion of the four prerequisite courses, new caseworkers participate in the Fundamentals Practice Simulation, in which they demonstrate the competencies learned throughout the Fundamentals courses in a live, case scenario–informed interaction with a real family, played by professional actors.

Legal Preparation for Caseworkers

Target audience: caseworkers

Prerequisite: Welcome to Child Welfare WBT

This two-day, interactive classroom training dives into the details of each of the key moments in the court process for both dependency and neglect and delinquency cases.

Editing Trainer: Kendall Marlowe

Choose Your Own Trail: Documentation and Practice

Target audience: caseworkers

Prerequisite: The Fundamentals Practice Simulation

This two-day course—which completes the Fundamentals learning experience—is informative and fun, practical and playful, experiential and consequential. Learners document the case they worked with during the practice simulation as facilitators guide them through the Trails navigation involved with both intake and ongoing.