Superman Has Nothing On You! Supervising to Safety and Risk

“It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s my supervisor!” exclaim your staff when you walk in each morning. And what is more heroic than building the skills and confidence in your team to deal with child safety and risk every day? Assessing safety and risk is the ultimate purpose of child protective services, and supervisors are the ultimate change agents. In this five-session series, you'll engage with peers and expert panelists from across the state to take your supervision skills to new heights as they relate to

  • leveraging protective capacities,
  • creating safety plans that really work,
  • handling high-risk situations,
  • utilizing safety and risk assessments in ongoing casework, and
  • documenting the work.

What is your superhuman supervisor strength? What is your kryptonite? Join this learning experience to build your supervisory practice to develop, coach, and manage to safety and risk—and help your team soar!