Gathering—consciously bringing together like-minded people for a reason—shapes the way we think, feel, and make sense of our work. 

With that in mind, DR Gatherings are designed to contribute to the success of DR in Colorado. Although some excellent training is done online (see DR Learning Exchanges), trainings are most effective when held in a fresh space. A carefully crafted learning environment is conducive to creative thinking, sharing, and growth. DR gatherings provide that atmosphere and encourage new ideas and aha moments. 

These one-day in-person gatherings are held twice a year with the purpose of sharing acquired DR expertise with other DR counties in a structured format, connecting with peers in similar roles and positions, connecting with county peers from similar-size counties, and moving DR work forward. Trends and themes from DR counties will help determine the focus areas of the gatherings.

The Colorado Division of Child Welfare and the Child Welfare Training System are committed to the success of DR implementation and practice in the state and offer a group of continuous learning opportunities to DR leaders and practitioners through the DR Learning Forum. 

The DR Learning Forum comprises three types of learning experiences, each one giving you the space to ask for help in a particular DR area, the chance to learn from more experienced counties, and the opportunity to share and build new ways of practice and creative solutions to common issues:

  • DR Learning Exchanges 
  • DR Gatherings
  • DR Community Discussion Boards