Target Audience: caseworkers; supervisors; foster, kinship, and adoptive families

Unpredictable changes and threats can challenge our ability to manage everything around us. Yet the world spins on, the tide keeps coming in, life continues. How will you position yourself and others to respond?

When the waves get taller, we’ll need a little bit of help from our friends. This virtual learning experience provides a safe space to share and be heard as we stumble through an ever-changing environment and find a way forward.

Through 11 powerful sessions, we’ll focus on building resilience—in ourselves and others—and we’ll

  • harness the power of connection,
  • share strategies for dancing through our struggles, and
  • explore mindfulness and how to practice it.

Community and mutual encouragement are the order of the day, helping us plant our feet firmly. Together, we will build resilience. Together, we will be brave.