Charting Your Course in the SEA of Supervision (WBT) 19-20

The New Supervisor Academy begins by laying the foundation for leadership in this Web-based training. This course will provide you with all of the tools and resources you will need to support your supervisory practice throughout training and beyond.

Supportive Supervision 19-20

This course is facilitated through three consecutive classroom days and is the first classroom course in the New Supervisor Academy. You’ll explore the importance of providing supportive supervision throughout all functions of child welfare leadership.

Educational Supervision 19-20

This three-day course concentrates on educational supervision. You’ll emerge from the course prepared with the coaching skills necessary to promote workers performing best child welfare practice standards within the parameters outlined in Volume 7.

Administrative Supervision 19-20

This two-day course centers on the administrative areas of supervision. These specialized child welfare leadership and management tasks are required to motivate and maintain organization, productivity, and compliance.

Supervisor Skills Practice and Peer Review 19-20

During this skills practice, you’ll have the unique opportunity to apply your freshly attained competencies in a real-life supervision session with a worker. 

Editing Trainer: Maritza Villagomez